Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sound and Vision - Blakely and Lambchop

The Emptiness Left by a Denial of the Use for which it was Intended, Colin Blakely

I'm moving to Boise in late January, so I've been thinking about (i.e. dreading) this kind of weather a lot lately. This song by Lambchop (off their recently released Live at XX Merge album) makes me think of how warm and comforting I'd hope the inside of those houses are.

I Will Drive Slowly by Lambchop on Grooveshark


Joseph H. said...

You're moving to Boise?

hex conduction hour said...

Yeah, heading to Boise for colder weather/less broken economy. Job relocation that will hopefully only last a few years, then back to San Francisco. I do love it here.

Anonymous said...
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