Monday, February 4, 2008

radio show at WXDU

So I'm starting a regular show Tuesday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm on WXDU here at Duke, and this morning I had a fun hour proving to my training DJ that I knew how to work the boards etc. Anyway here are a couple sets from this morning that give an idea of what to expect if you ever want to tune in. Don't miss the part when I give out the incorrect phone number for the station (twice). I'm a professional!

listen to wxdu

Download Set A
  • P.I.L. -- Public Image
  • Scrotum Poles -- Helicopter Honeymoon
  • The Whigs -- Like a Vibration
  • The Victors -- Scotch Mist
  • Pylon -- Volume
  • Ricky & the Impressionables Band -- Baco Walk
  • UT -- Sham Shack
  • The Fall -- Why Are People Grudgeful?

Download Set B
  • Takako Minekawa -- Plash
  • Plaid -- Diddymousedid
  • XTC -- English Roundabout
  • Kazino -- Binary
  • Xiu Xiu -- Under Pressure
  • The Plimsouls -- Lost Time

"Lost Time" is one of those songs that should be on the radio somewhere in the world at all times. (Sendspace links are dead -- I'd be happy to re-post if requested.)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

new music!

Super Furry Animals were my favorite band in high school. They're an "innovative, weird and endlessly enjoyable" Welsh group, and their latest album is my favorite of theirs since the late 90s. Here is a write-up about some recent reissues that hits the high points of one of the best pop groups of the past 15 years. One of their most famous songs is "The Man Don't Give a Fuck," which samples Steely Dan's "Show Biz Kids" and was their concert closer for ages. In 2004 they released a vinyl-only 20 minute live version from a show they played at the Hammerstein Ballroom, featuring a massive house breakdown in the middle of the song, c/o their amazing keyboardist Cian CiarĂ¡n (who's also 1/2 of Acid Casuals). I digitized it for easy access and posted it below.

Download "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" Live @ the Hammerstein Ballroom

Clark came out with a new album this week called Turning Dragon -- way more aggressive than his previous stuff but from my first impressions it sounds great.

Bochum Welt recently came out with a vinyl sampler for his upcoming album, "Robotic Operating Buddy," and I've really been enjoying the main track (Interlude (Mix 2)). You can hear a sample of this "lilting mid-90's padded breakbeat track" on boomkat or just download the whole thing here.

Two more things: next time you make hot chocolate at home, be sure to add some Cointreau. And in case you needed your faith in the internet restored, just watch this.