Monday, February 4, 2008

radio show at WXDU

So I'm starting a regular show Tuesday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm on WXDU here at Duke, and this morning I had a fun hour proving to my training DJ that I knew how to work the boards etc. Anyway here are a couple sets from this morning that give an idea of what to expect if you ever want to tune in. Don't miss the part when I give out the incorrect phone number for the station (twice). I'm a professional!

listen to wxdu

Download Set A
  • P.I.L. -- Public Image
  • Scrotum Poles -- Helicopter Honeymoon
  • The Whigs -- Like a Vibration
  • The Victors -- Scotch Mist
  • Pylon -- Volume
  • Ricky & the Impressionables Band -- Baco Walk
  • UT -- Sham Shack
  • The Fall -- Why Are People Grudgeful?

Download Set B
  • Takako Minekawa -- Plash
  • Plaid -- Diddymousedid
  • XTC -- English Roundabout
  • Kazino -- Binary
  • Xiu Xiu -- Under Pressure
  • The Plimsouls -- Lost Time

"Lost Time" is one of those songs that should be on the radio somewhere in the world at all times. (Sendspace links are dead -- I'd be happy to re-post if requested.)

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