Friday, July 24, 2009

Sound and Vision - Tchelitchew and Squarepusher

Interior Landscape, Pavel Tchelitchew

"Dreaded Pestilence" is a song from a long-out-of-print album by Squarepusher (in this case, "Chaos A.D.") called Buzz Caner. As a collection of leftover tracks and sketches, it reminds me of Ovuca's first release, but with a lot more phase shifting and white noise. This brutal track is my favorite. You can download the whole album here.
Dreaded Pestilence by Chaos A.D. on Grooveshark

Friday, July 10, 2009



I've been wanting to make this compilation for about 8 months and working on it on and off since February. My friend in NC just had his birthday and passed his prelims, so I finally had a good reason to put some extra work into it. It's basically the opposite of the post-doc compilation I'll be putting up soon. If you don't like ascetic minimal house, you will probably hate this, but what can I say? I love it, and this sort of music constitutes most of the the "new" stuff I listen to nowadays. The little chime in "Catchy DAAD" sends chills up my spine. All the mp3s are tagged, and if you drag them into iTunes, they'll organize themselves under the "Mixes" genre as "Minimal".

The photo of laser-cut steel is courtesy of Elijah Porter (Yale School of Architecture) and BLDGBLOG.

An Antiquity of Imagination

The New York Times has posted a gorgeous slideshow of Venetian Renaissance sculpture currently on display at the National Gallery of Art. Articles like this are why I'd gladly pay $5 to access

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The State I Am In

Oh love of mine, would you condescend to help me
'Cause I'm stupid and blind...
I'm very close to finishing my post-graduation compilation (4 months now?) but was so struck by this that I had to share. I was a big Belle & Sebastian fan in high school (I know, I should have been listening to Bad Brains), and I haven't listened to them much since, but after hearing this song today I was reminded of how great they were and are.

Belle & Sebastian - The State I Am In