Friday, July 24, 2009

Sound and Vision - Tchelitchew and Squarepusher

Interior Landscape, Pavel Tchelitchew

"Dreaded Pestilence" is a song from a long-out-of-print album by Squarepusher (in this case, "Chaos A.D.") called Buzz Caner. As a collection of leftover tracks and sketches, it reminds me of Ovuca's first release, but with a lot more phase shifting and white noise. This brutal track is my favorite. You can download the whole album here.
Dreaded Pestilence by Chaos A.D. on Grooveshark

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Darcylew said...

I wanted to stab myself in the eye just to distract me from the pain being inflicted on my ears in the first minute and a half of that song. Ow.

You are a strange, strange bird.